We’re running 100 Miles to raise $100,000 for you.

The Cancer Guide Research Foundation has partnered with CancerDoctor.com to raise $100,000 for a single cancer patient*.

Robert A. Carrillo, the Chief Safety Officer at CancerDoctor.com, has taken on an incredible challenge.

He’s going to participate in the Beast of The East 100 Ultrarun

Research App

It takes a lot time to find relevant science-based information that is specific to a cancer patients needs. Our research app has made that process much easier.

Research Studies





A game that brings hope and fun to children during their cancer journey.

Help Us Make a Difference

You can support us in several ways – through prayer, sharing our mission, and financially.

We rely on those who share our mission and vision. As you may know, donations have underwritten a substantial portion of our annual costs.  While we are whole-heartedly committed to working toward cancer patients’ answers, we humbly ask for a tax-deductible contribution to cover expenses.

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