About Us

Dedicated to early detection and treatment, the non-profit Cancer Guide Research Foundation seeks to empower cancer patients with hope for the future through science-based answers. We partner with research institutions, healthcare organizations, cancer and caregiver communities, scientists, and students to educate people on prevention and early detection of cancer, as well as help cancer patients thrive along during journey.

The Cancer Guide Research Foundation (CGRF) is committed to creating resources that educate, empower, and advocate for cancer patients, their families, and their caregivers.

At CGRF we believe that the cancer patient always comes first. Because of this, we are passionate about providing easy to understand, unbiased information that serves the cancer patient.

The Cancer Guide Research Foundation has compiled the world’s largest online database of integrative cancer treatment studies. Our team of researchers has personally curated more than 5,000 (and counting) published studies and organized them in a way that actually makes sense to the cancer patient – not just the medical experts.

Our Story

The Goal of CGRF

The goal of our database is to act as a personal PhD that is scouring PubMed and researching the patient’s specific type of cancer, medical history, and preferences to deliver the most relevant scientific studies available for the situation.

Our team has tagged, categorized, and organized the data and paired it with technology to help educate the cancer patient to have more meaningful conversations with their doctor about their treatment options. We’ve also added easy to understand summaries of the studies written in such a way that the cancer patient can easily comprehend and share the research.

We thrive on helping patients be confident and take control in making research-informed decisions while choosing their perfect personalized treatment approach.

Next Generation STEM

The CGRF is passionate about educating the next generation of minority STEM students to make a difference in the lives of cancer patients, their families, and their caregivers.

Our student program provides hands-on research experience to graduate and undergraduate students shaping the future of cancer research and prevention.

The Cancer Guide Research Foundation has worked with students from UC-Irvine, MD Anderson, Rush University, and the Lamar Honors Program delivering relevant research experience to each student – furthering their knowledge and understanding of cancer as a whole.

Understanding Cancer

The Cancer Guide Research Foundation is making strides every day toward tightly-integrated bioinformatics research that pushes the industry forward.

By utilizing cutting-edge research tools, next-generation technology, and the latest integrative techniques, CGRF seeks to bring together bioinformatics researchers, data scientists, and artificial intelligence specialists to absorb the massive amounts of data available, determine trends and indicators, and derive semantic meaning from the data.

This push will open up new portals for understanding cancer, cancer treatments, and the long-term effects on patients, their families, and their caregivers.

Help Make a Difference

You can support us in several ways – through prayer, sharing our mission, and financially.

We rely on those who share our mission and vision. As you may know, donations have underwritten a substantial portion of our annual costs.  While we are whole-heartedly committed to working toward cancer patients’ answers, we humbly ask for a tax-deductible contribution to cover expenses.

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