Protocol Game

We are excited to announce a fun new partnership with Fathom 7 Studios, Skillshot Media, and Hi-Rez Studio to bring hope and fun to children during their cancer journey and fulfilling cancer patient Ethan Daniels’ wish with the Make-A-Wish-Foundation.

Finding Solutions, Virtually

Protocol is a revolutionary virtual therapy video game designed to bring together people being touched by cancer for the purpose of sharing their journey, helping each other through encouragement and support, and finding solutions together.

Patients suffering through cancer symptoms, cancer treatments, and the side effects of both, alongside their family and their caregivers, can work together in an interactive environment to fight against the evils of cancer through multiplayer combat – all while interacting with, encouraging, and supporting one another via live chat and shared world team-based gameplay.

A Wish Come True

CGRF worked with Fathom 7 Studios to help Ethan create a platform for patient care, comfort, encouragement, and education that will have long-lasting and far-reaching impacts. The end goal is to connect those in need with those who can meet those needs through treatment, therapy, education, and more.

The CGRF team, along with KSU and Fathom 7 Studios, came together to deliver the interactive environment, the game content, the character creation, and the overall connectedness of the game and those in the community who are using it to alleviate their shared burden brought on by cancer.

Play Protocol

Currently Protocol is only available for play on a Windows computer. We hope to make it available on other platforms in the future, as funds are available.

For more information and a link to download the game, visit the official website below.

Help Us Give Protocol to More Pediatric Cancer Patients!

We would love to make Protocol available on Android and Apple devices as well as gaming systems like Xbox and Playstation, but we need your help to do that. Would you consider donating?

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